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Sharmila Baddula

Name: Sharmila  Baddula 

Age: 47 yrs.
Native: Coimbatore.
Live in: Bangalore.
Status: Married.
Height: 5ft, 3inches
Weight: 62
Hair colorBig Grinark brown.
Eye color:  Black
Known: Tamil, Telugu, Hindi And English.
Experience:  worked for my own YouTube channel.
Qualification: completed diploma in acting course in livewires, Bangalore.
Professional training: acting, voice improvisation, observation etc.
Physical skills:  dance, aerobics and yoga.
Personal summary: A motivated, committed and talented with strong stage instincts and extensive and formal training. I am a perfectionist who posses solid work ethic which helps me to keep tweaking in my acting skills. I am energetic and prepared to go the extra mile and is sure to make a real difference to any project I am involved in. Will always be willing to listen and learn further.
Won Mrs. Stylish queen in Mrs. Chennai Superwomen 2019.

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